Phone or USB device not charging

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 11:52AM EST
Check Battery Level

If your device won't charge from our battery's USB port, first you should verify the battery's charge level. This can be done by pressing the battery's power button. The battery will then show its charge level via the red LEDs. One or no LEDs means a low level, whereas four (or six for the V88) means a fully charged battery.

Turn on USB Port

Tapping the battery's power button is necessary to activate the USB output of the battery. 

Try Multiple Cables

Try charging both from the USB cables and adapters included with the battery and the cable that came with your device. Sometimes, it is a defective cable that prevents the battery from charging the handheld device. This happens a lot with 3rd party iPhone cables.

Don't Trust Charge Indicators

Even if the device doesn't indicate that it is charging, it might be. See if the battery level rises over time. Oftentimes, devices recognize that Voltaic batteries are not their normal chargers, but will still charge from them anyway. Some devices that are particularly picky will only charge (or will charge faster) when powered off.


If you are still unable to charge your device after following these steps, e-mail us via our Tech Support Form. Please provide us with any relevant information, including which of our products you're using and the device you are trying to charge.
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