Laptop not charging

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 11:52AM EST
Check battery level
Verify the battery's charge level by pressing the battery's power button. The battery will then show its charge level via the red LEDs. One or no LEDs means a low level, whereas four (or six for the V88) means a fully charged battery.

If 1 or no LEDs show, charge battery from wall or solar panels.

Confirm voltage setting
Check the AC charger that came with your laptop for the "DC Output" Here are the most common voltages and the appropriate setting on your battery.

12 -> 12V
14.5 - 16.5 - >16.5V
19 - 20.5 -> 19V

Check connections
Unplug and plug in the output cable. The light above the Voltage Indicator should turn on.

Next, connect to your laptop and check that the cables are secure. If the adapter seems not to connect firmly to your laptop, you may need to try a different laptop adapter.

Power shutting off?
If the Voltage Indicator light turns off after connecting to your laptop, your laptop may be drawing too much power.

Reset the laptop by connecting to a power source. Then try charging the laptop in sleep or off mode. This happens most often in power hungry laptops including some versions, but not all, MacBook Pro 15".

If you have an HP business class laptop like an Elitebook, try our HP adapter
If you have a Dell (not an ultrabook), try our Dell adapter

If laptop is still not charging, email us with:
  • Description or picture of your product and battery (model number is on the back)
  • Model number of your laptop
  • Description of the problem and what you've tried
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