Voltaic battery not charging from solar

Last Updated: Jan 07, 2016 04:10PM EST
If your battery is not solar charging, try these simple tests to diagnose any potential problem:

1) Can the battery charge from an AC wall charger or USB port? 

Try charging your battery from a USB port or AC wall charger (if one is available). If it charges normally from the wall and the LEDs on the battery light up in sequence, then the battery is working fine and the problem is likely related to the solar panel.

2) Was it solar charging under "ideal" solar conditions?

All solar panels are designed to maximize their power output only under ideal solar conditions, defined as:
  • Panels outside (not behind a window or under a light bulb)
  • Panels pointed directly at the sun
  • Bright sunny day, no clouds between the sun and the panels
  • No obstructions between the panels and the sun that might cast shade
Try testing under these conditions and see if your problem continues. You may find that the battery resumes solar charging right away as soon as these conditions are met.

3) Is the battery charging at the correct voltage?
  • V15 and V44 batteries charge only at 6V
  • V72 laptop batteries charge only at 18V
If you only have one solar panel, this potential problem does not apply to you, as the voltage can only be 6V for most of our panels or 18V for our 17W panel and Arc 20W Folder.

If you have two or more solar panels in your system, it's possible that your solar panels are set to the wrong voltage. Check the "circuit box" (directly behind the panels on the inside of the bag) for the operating voltage of the panels and switch it if necessary to the appropriate level. 

If the battery charges from the wall / AC charger but still doesn't charge from solar while outside on a bright day, the culprit is most likely a faulty connection between the solar panel(s) and battery. Email us with:
  • Description or picture of your product and battery (model number is on the back)
  • Description of the problem
  • Order number for warranty purposes
  • Best shipping address

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